Additional Director's Message

Message from The Additional Director's

 The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”

Ramgarhia Educational Council is a place where academics and activities never end and the students are molded as future technocrats and business leaders. The councilhas standing of about 86 years in the field of Education. It has its roots in the Ramgarhia Senior Secondary School, Phagwara started in 1929. The Council laid the foundation of technical & engineering education in Punjab with the foundation of Ramgarhia Polytechnic College, Phagwara in 1950.The Institutes works on the vision to become one of the leading centers of teaching, research and extensions in the field of Engineering and Technology through total commitment towards quality education and training. We instill our students with the strength of character, self-confidence technical competence and leadership in management. 

Further Ramgarhia Educational Institutions spares no effort to make its curriculum world class and deliver it in the most effective manner. It constantly scans the developments in Technology, Science and in society and tries proactively to meet the challenges. We propagate knowledge to the students with the help of dedicated faculty, state-of-the- art library and well-equipped labs along with audio-visual theatre. 

With the world, becoming a global village and globalization coupled with stiff competition is making its presence felt in our country, the need of the hour is to successfully meet such tests and challenges. Theinstitutes has an enviable track record of academic excellence, which is coupled with hands-on industrial training, and innumerable industry -institute interaction, which makes each Ramgarhia student ready to be absorbed in the company. Our placement record reflects the versatile talents of the student community of the Institute. It shows their Technical and managerial skills. 

As a part of REC’s commitment towards quality technical education and excellence, we embarked on promoting Faculty Development Program, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences, which will keep the faculty members and students abreast of their field.

I on
behalf of the Ramgarhia Educational Council, welcome the new entrants to be a part of Ramgarhia Educational Council.