Chairperson’s Desk

Message from The Chairperson 

Since the inception of REC in 1929, it has been our constant endeavor to impart quality education and provide holistic development to our students.  REC’s primary focus is to continuously fine tune our education delivery systems and internal processes to accord with the needs and challenges of the contemporary world. Apart from imparting relevant domain knowledge and building competencies necessary for effective functioning anywhere in the world, we also make conscious efforts to improve the sensitivity of our students to different ethos, value systems and cultural milieu which they may experience in the course of their careers.

Coming to our campuses, it  provide a rich, throbbing and exciting social and cultural life with enabling culture that promotes interest in fine and performing arts. All groups of colleges have institutional arrangements for capacity building through development of soft skills and value added courses which bridge the gap between expectations of the corporate world and the world of academia.

I am confident that those who choose to be a part of our clan as students will experience a new era of life.